General Information

  1. All abstracts are strongly encouraged to be submitted through the Online Abstract Submission System.
  2. Abstract submission deadline is postponed to Feb. 28, 2019.
  3. The notification of abstract acceptance will be forwarded before Mar. 20, 2019. The presenting author must register at the time of abstract submission.
  4. To encourage the young, promising investigators to attend, we provide best paper award (3 to 5 winners) and best poster award (3 to 5 winners), each winner could get USD1,000 award.

Abstract Format

  1. All abstracts are strongly encouraged to download the abstract format and follow the format to compile the abstract before submitting.
  2. Please upload abstract with MS Word, 1 A4 pageļ¼Œ250-300 words.

Abstract Topic

  1. Asian perspective to tinnitus
  2. Behavioral Therapy
  3. Brain Stimulation
  4. Clinical Research Methodology
  5. Comorbidities of Tinnitus
  6. Cortical Networks / Neuroplasticity /Imaging Studies
  7. Diagnostics
  8. Electrophysiology
  9. Epidemiology
  10. Genetics of Tinnitus
  11. Hyperacusis / Misophonia
  12. Animal Models of Tinnitus
  13. Pathophysiology
  14. Peripheral stimulation including Hearing Aids / Cochlear Implants
  15. Pharmacotherapy
  16. Psychological View of Tinnitus
  17. Specific Forms of Tinnitus
  18. Tinnitus and Vertigo